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New Forest LIFE 2  project - Securing Natura 2000 Objectives in the New Forest
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Overview of the Main Conservation Issues being Addressed

The New Forest cSAC is under threat from the lack of integrated management and a decline in traditional management practices. These pressures coupled with high recreational and development demands due to its considerable popularity and its location in one of the most densely populated areas in Western Europe have led to numerous conservation concerns. The New Forest LIFE II Project provided a package of actions designed to tackle these threats and provide for the sustainable, long-term management of the New Forest cSAC.

The main conservation issues facing the New Forest cSAC and addressed by the New Forest LIFE II Project were:

The lack of integrated management due to the absence of an overall plan for the New Forest cSAC.
Disturbance and erosion caused by recreational pressure and the continuing increase in tourism.
The decline in traditional grazing due to the decreasing numbers of Commoners.
Loss of habitats through neglect, the spread of non-native species and within enclosed forestry plantations.
Habitat degradation due to artificial manipulation of water levels.

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