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Final Technical Report
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Final Technical Report
1st February 1997 to 30th September 2001

The contents of the online Final Technical report for the Project is shown below. (The Introduction Section 1 and the Overall Project Section 2 have been covered already online on this site).

The online Final Technical report is an Adobe PDF document, click on the PDF icon or the image of the report, opposite, to open the document in a new window.

All maps and photographs and a number of the appendices are not available online, but the whole Final Technical report can be viewed by contacting Hampshire County Council.

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Final Technical Report PDF document

Final Technical Report PDF documentAdobe Acrobat (PDF)
format, 527 KB

Background to the project
Overview of the main conservation issues being addressed
Project Objectives and Expected Results

Summary of actions
Summary of results
Summary of overall project assessment

Preparatory actions
Additional Reports
Production of the cSAC Management Plan
Land purchase/leasing
Non-recurring biotope management
Recurring biotope management
Interest Projects
Overall project management

Achievement of Project Objectives
Conservation benefits for pSCI/SPA and species/habitat type targeted
Incentive/ pump priming effects and networking
Innovation, demonstration and value added by EC funding
Socio-economic effects
The future: prolonging the effects of the project/further action needed

Appendix 1- Items in Interim Technical Activity Report 1 (31/12/1997)
Appendix 2- Items in Interim Technical Activity Report 2 (30/09/1998)
Appendix 3- Items in Interim Technical Activity Report 3 (30/04/1999)
Appendix 4- Items in Interim Technical Activity Report 4 (31/03/2000)
Appendix 5- Items submitted in the Final Technical Report 30/09/01)
Appendix 6 - Items referred to in Technical Activity Reports but not submitted as appendices.
Appendix 7 - Index of Maps
Appendix 8 - Photograph Index

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