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The New Forest LIFE II Project Introduction

The New Forest LIFE II Project 'Securing Natura 2000 Objectives in the New Forest', was one of the largest and most complex multi-agency projects ever funded by the LIFE-Nature programme and was completed in September 2001.

An outstanding success, this five year project enabled the New Forest LIFE II Partnership to enhance the conservation value of more than 4,000 hectares, restoring vulnerable habitats and encouraging their associated wildlife.

Half of the £5.2m project cost was provided by the European Commission LIFE-Nature fund and the remainder by the project partners.

Did you know
The New Forest LIFE II Project,
ran from 1st Feb 1997 to 30th Sept 2001

The New Forest LIFE II Partnership,
was made up from ten organisations

Jointly delivered by the partnership, this project developed an important and exciting programme to restore much of the heathlands and woodlands of the New Forest Candidate Special Area of Conservation (cSAC).

The following three aims were achieved:

1) The production of a Management Plan to cover the entire cSAC.

2) The restoration of over 4,000ha of New Forest cSAC habitats to favourable conservation status.

3) An extension of the land owned and managed primarily for nature conservation.

The experience, skills and knowledge gained by the partners through the LIFE II Project will contribute greatly to the long-term management of the New Forest. more about project background>>

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