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New Forest LIFE 2  project - Securing Natura 2000 Objectives in the New Forest
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New Forest Special Area of Conservation Management Plan 2001

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Project Objectives and Expected Results

In order to address the issues outlined in the 'Conservation issues' section the overall objectives of the New Forest LIFE Project were:

To produce a management plan to cover the entire New Forest cSAC.
To restore over 4000 hectares of New Forest cSAC habitats to favourable nature conservation status.
To increase the land owned and managed primarily for nature conservation.

View of the New Forest

The New Forest LIFE II Project set out to undertake the management of a wide range of habitats and to implement restoration measures designed to tackle the key threats to the New Forest cSAC. Since much of the nature conservation interest is bound up with traditional grazing practices, it was also important to ensure that these remained viable.

The New Forest LIFE II Project was mainly about delivering practical conservation work on the ground. Practical programmes to improve conditions for wildlife, which are endangered across Europe, account for about three quarters of the Project.

The implementation of the New Forest LIFE II Project involved some significant changes to the New Forest cSAC. The Project was designed to restore degraded habitats, promote the long-term viability of grazing and to ensure sustainable management and monitoring of the New Forest cSAC.

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