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The New Forest LIFE III Wetlands Project Introduction

The New Forest is the largest site, not only in lowland England but in western Europe, where heathland, grassland, mire and pasture woodland habitats survive together in what is a functioning ecosystem based on a continuing practice of pastoralism.

They occur as part of a network of wetland habitats which are totally dependent upon their local hydrological systems. This complex mosaic of wildlife habitats was formerly common in lowland Western Europe but now is rare and fragmented.

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JUNE 2006
2 June'06
Celebratory Event
Talk byChris Packham, family activities & site walks in the New Forest

13 & 14 June'06
LIFE3 Technical Conference>
'Wetland Restoration at a Catchment Scale'

The 'Sustainable Wetland Restoration in the New Forest' LIFE 3 project builds on the success of the New Forest LIFE 2 project (1997-2001) and aims to develop a better understanding of the hydrological networks that support these habitats. It also seeks to establish their long term sustainability through the development of a mechanism which will ensure the integrated management of the main New Forest water basins.

The LIFE3 project partnership, the New Forest LIFE3 Partnership began in July 2002, part funded by the European Commission fund with just over £1m. The project will ran until December 2006. The remainder of the £2.9 million project cost was provided by the six project partners.

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